Thursday, October 15, 2015


Interested in research?

It has become mandatory, hasn't it?

But do you feel stuck at the very beginning?

Are you wondering what to do research in?

Well, research should be an organic process... It should gradually grow out of your exposure to a field... your experiences should lead to your asking questions.. that leads to research...

But it no longer happens that way.. it is imposed and made mandatory.. and a person new to the field is left knowing that there is a journey but does not know where to begin...

Well, this blog could help you in that direction!

So lets start today...

Any one with basic academic background knows that research starts with a 'Problem'... the problem is a question or a doubt about some observed fact. It is the first step of any research process.

This is the seed form which research grows.

Through this blog, we will brainstorm about this very stage...


  1. very nice blog mam
    plz. send new idea in research field

  2. Thanks for sharing,
    Very Good Thought & Blog mam !

  3. Nice Start.Please post further on Research methods, which will be useful for people new in Research!!

  4. I agree mam with your opinion .I believe research is combination of spontaneity and systematic efforts and presentation. It is more creative thinking and I think this can be developed with more reading.

  5. This blog is very helpful for the researchers.

  6. I'm so glad to read your blog ma'am. its very informative. for me creativity combined with critical thinking has made good in my research work and thanks to you who has always emphasized on teaching the same. looking forward for more information given in your style ma'am...

  7. i like this approach! Basic and elegant. A very punctilious ordinance. Much excited for it.