Thursday, October 22, 2015

Various Fields

Research can be done in the various fields of Psychology, theoretical and applied.

We need to first explore whether we are interested in theory development or in using information for bringing changes in the world (application).

So, what is a theory? And what is application?

A theory is an interconnected set of concepts or ideas that gives a framework for thinking, understanding and analyzing any issue. It explains the nature of things. It helps us to make generalizations, find exceptions by setting norms, standards to the concepts. It tells us what ought to be, what to expect when we come across something new.

We can and do have theories in our day to day life... we have theories about how our day will go depending on how it started! Or about how a particular activity/project is to be undertaken and what end it will achieve.. a theory is generated if we ask if certain things go they are connected to each other

When used in science however, a 'theory' becomes different. In science, theory is an explanation or statement of relations that are supported through objectively collected data and unbiased observations.

So, how do we do theoretical research?

we may identify an already stated theory and verify or substantiate it by gathering more data about it or 
we may state a new theory through review of previous theories, analyzing them critically and stating our own observations in the form of a theory!

E.g. we can do research on a particular learning theory, motivation theory or personality theory..

An application is using theories to address concerns faced in day to day life. More about application research in the next post!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to begin

Hi again...
when we think of doing research, we need to know that it is a journey of discovery...

This discovery starts with introspection... knowing one's interests, likes as well as dislikes in academics is vital...

Do remember that we will be investing a lot of time, energy and resources in this journey, so when we are doing something that we like, it is a definite advantage...

It also may give us clues about which broad area of research we can work in...

The next step is to narrow down our interest...

From here on I will focus more on Social Sciences..

So next time lets talk about narrowing focus..

Till then



Interested in research?

It has become mandatory, hasn't it?

But do you feel stuck at the very beginning?

Are you wondering what to do research in?

Well, research should be an organic process... It should gradually grow out of your exposure to a field... your experiences should lead to your asking questions.. that leads to research...

But it no longer happens that way.. it is imposed and made mandatory.. and a person new to the field is left knowing that there is a journey but does not know where to begin...

Well, this blog could help you in that direction!

So lets start today...

Any one with basic academic background knows that research starts with a 'Problem'... the problem is a question or a doubt about some observed fact. It is the first step of any research process.

This is the seed form which research grows.

Through this blog, we will brainstorm about this very stage...